Shipping & Return Policies

What do you do with my data?
You data is safe with us.
Your details will never be shared, sold or used anywhere by us other than to fulfill your order and do our taxes.

By placing an order on our system, we do not gain access to your payment method. We cannot see your credit card information or Paypal credentials, other than your email address and mailing address you share with us, to fulfill the order. You allow us, to print an invoice to for you, and retain a copy for our own bookkeeping purposes.

What do I have to pay for shipping of my order?
We try to keep the shipping costs as low and as uncomplicated as possible.
Therefore only three different "levels" of shipping costs exist.

1. CDs:

2,95.-EUR for shipping inside Germany
4,95.-EUR for shipping to the rest of the world

2. T-Shirts & everything else

4,95.-EUR for shipping inside Germany
9,95.-EUR for shipping to the rest of the world


We deliver posters in a special poster box, which protects them while rolled up. That way we prevent them from having to be folded up, so you can hang them in perfect condition. These boxes are expensive, so we add a little to the price of the posters, but keep the overall shipping costs the same.

What else do I need to know about shipping?
We deliver CDs in padded envelopes. T-Shirts and other apparel gets delivered in small package boxes.

All shippments will be fulfilled from Germany, Europe, therefore you might need to expect longer delivery times if you order your article outside of the European free trading zone. If your order gets stuck in customs, deliveries can take up to 30 days. This is out of our hands, but happens rarely. Usually deliveries should reach you withing a couple of days.

What if I bundle multiple items in my order?
You always only pay the highest shipping price of any of your items - a CD and T-Shirt, and we only charge you for the shipping of the T-Shirt, CD and Beanie, you pay for the delivery of the vinyl only.

Do you offer free shipping?
Yes, we do.

If your order exceeds 100.-EUR, free shipping will be available to you with the discount password: FREESHIPPING

What if I wanna step away from my purchase or wanna return an article?
As long as the article isn't shipped out, this isn't a problem. Please just let us know via our email address or the contact form:
and we will refund you uncomplicated to your paypal address.
Please don't forget to send us your purchace receipt email for reference. Thank you.

If you want to return an article, please get in touch with us via the same email, and dependend on your location we will send you an appropriate return address.
Please keep in mind, that we do not refund mailing/shipping costs to you, if we already sent the article to you.